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If your roof has suffered damages from heavy storms and strong winds, call Creative Home Technologies so that our experts can perform a roof inspection and start repairs immediately. These types of damages can only worsen as years go by. The longer it goes on, the more you have to spend to fix it up. Not to mention, heavy storms and winds can even create dangerous situations such as broken electrical poles and trees that could harm your home’s roof. Don’t attempt to repair and clean by yourself! Allow the professionals at Creative Home Technologies to inspect and repair for you.

What kind of damage can hail do to your roof?

If hail has done significant damage to your roof, your insurance may cover a full replacement roof for you. At Creative Home Technologies, our professionals offer a free estimate for your roof and we can even work with your insurance company for a claim. Hail damage not only damages your roof, the damage also allows water to leak through and damage your home. Here is a list of damages we look for after a hail storm:

  1. Missing granules
  2. Missing shingles
  3. Cracked or bent shingles

What steps should you take if your roof has been damaged by hail?

We do not recommend that you inspect your roof by yourself for any type of storm, wind, or hail damage. The only inspection you should do is a quick visual inspection of your ceiling. Discolored or wet spots indicate there is water damage on your roof, which has leaked into your home. Allow the professionals at Creative Home Technologies to inspect your roof for you, and we can put in detail what’s been damaged. 

Unsure if your insurance company will cover a roof replacement for your home? We can help you do insurance claims! The process is very easy, simply speak to one of our specialists, schedule a roof inspection, then we will make a recommendation for options and what steps you should take. As the process with insurance claims can be rather biased, we will do everything we can to advocate for you.

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