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After a storm or hail, a roof can suffer serious damage such as leaks, which can lead to water damage inside your home. This could end up costing you more money, as you will now be worried about both your home and your roof. Don’t wait until your roof needs to be repaired to call us.

At Creative Home Technologies, we can help with roof repairs. Our team will complete a full roof inspection first to find areas that are in need of any repairs, then we will reconvene with you to discuss your options in terms of a roof repair or roof replacement, and if your insurance will cover it. Our line of Legacy® Shingles from Malarkey is engineered to provide outstanding defense against the elements and feature high-performance components for roofs that last decades. Furthermore, we are committed to taking care of your needs, prioritizing your satisfaction above all else, and providing quality services to ensure a positive installation experience.

Legacy® Shingles

Legacy® is a residential shingle line by one of the leading manufacturers in the roofing industry – Malarkey Roofing Products®. This premium product boasts unbeatable granule adhesion and extreme weather protection with a Class 4 impact resistance for exceptional longevity and lasting beauty. It also features:

  • Formulated roofing sealants that help your roof stay intact during high winds, and well protected from rain
  • Flexor™ polymer modified asphalt shingles, a material that is specially formulated by mixing polymers and raw asphalt for improved flexibility and impact resistance
  • An optional Scotchgard™ Protector system for protection against unsightly black streaks caused by algae buildup

Additionally, this line of shingles is listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) and has proven to outperform standard asphalt roofing alternatives.

Consider these steps if your roof has been damaged

  1. Visual inspection of the ceiling – do a quick inspection of your ceiling for leaks and damages. 
  2. Roof inspection – If there are damages on your ceiling, there is likely damage to your roof already. Call us for a roof inspection so that we can confirm the damages.
  3. Roof repair or replacement? – After damage confirmation, we can go over with you the care you will need for it.
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Creative Home Technologies is a family owned company that has been in the Fox Cities since 2004. We started out in a 600 sq. ft. building in Menasha, WI, and we have evolved into a 17,000 sq. ft. building located off of Hwy 41 in Kaukauna, WI. We also have locations in Madison and Milwaukee. We are proud to be recognized as the premier window and door replacement company throughout Wisconsin.