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Turn to Creative Home Technologies when you are looking for replacement bay and bow windows.

If you are looking for an amazing way to update and add value to your home, no other windows can change the look and feel of a room like the Energy Wall bay or bow window. Whether you are looking for a replacement window for better quality and efficiency, or you are looking at adding a bay or bow window to your current home, these windows completely transform both the interior and the exterior of the home. They are an easy way to open up a dark room and create an elegant statement in any room. A new or replacement bay or bow window immediately becomes the focal point for the home.


Differences between bow windows and bay windows:

  • A bay window is made up of three windows of varying sizes; the formation will typically have a large center window and is surrounded by two smaller windows.
  • A bow window is comprised of three to six windows that are all the same size.
  • A bay window has a more angled appearance due to the different sizes of windows.
  • A bow window has a curved appearance, creating a rounded appearance on the outside of your home

Creative Home Technologies is proud of the thermal performance of our bow and bay replacement windows.

Technical Specifications

U-Value (U) (.17)

Ratings typically fall between 0.20 and 1.20. The lower the U-Factor, the better a product is at keeping the heat in the home or building.

R-Value (R) (5.88)

This is a window’s resistance to heat flow. The higher the number, the more efficient the window reduces heating and cooling costs.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (S) (.24)

Rating refers to the amount of sunlight passing through a window as heat. The lower the rating, the better the window performs at reducing costs in the summer months. Between 0-1.

Condensation Resistance (C) (70)

This measures the performance level of a window/glazing system to help eliminate possible condensation. The higher the number, the better the window is at blocking condensation.

Our substantial ratings combined with durability make our bay and bow windows the ideal choice when looking for replacement windows in Appleton, Green Bay, Milwaukee and Madison areas. If you are still undecided, our knowledgeable professionals can help you decide which are the right windows for your home. Whether you are a first-time bay or bow window buyer or just want to upgrade your current one, contact Creative Home Technologies today for more information regarding replacement bow and bay windows.

Take a look at the different options you can use when selecting your bay and bow windows.

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